Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings


On every mountain high, and every valley low,

On every cruise ship wide, to every country go,

To the new career change, to the new, next “real” love,

Lasting pleasure his quest; his eyes won’t search above.


The shadow of pleasure is what every man stalks,

Feeling high? Numbing pain? Searching like soaring hawks.

Salve haunting aloneness? Solve low-grade depression?

Fill vanity’s vacuum? “Answer my soul’s question!!”


Worldliness’ “lights” shine, glittering and gleaming,

Seducing and hyping for that which man’s dreaming.

Self-assured, positive, relentless his scheming,

In the end, confident that he will be beaming.


But in his vanity, man chases lesser wants,

He’s searching in shadows, in shadows desires haunt.

In pride, he cannot see his desires are too small!

In his “light,” he can’t see the God who made us all.

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