Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Book of Joshua

Worse battles within than without.

Your battles are not with people.

Battles fought in the heart win out.


Be careful what you make “First Place.”

With time it’s easy to destroy

Whatever else you most embrace.


Don’t mistake this life for heaven.

In heaven, love and comfort, then.

Expect it now? Hearts will deaden.


You wrongly think that what you want

Is more useful than what I want.

Wants play tricks; hear My commandments.


Use Me to turn wants to pleasures?

You’ll miss the love you most desire.

You’ll miss out on life’s great treasure.


To fulfill My plan through hardship.

I frustrate some of your desires

To invite you to My Lordship.


Of all desires that you chase,

Nothing will do that takes God’s place.

You’ll miss His power and His grace.


Pastor Seth

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