The 5 “B”s of Life

“BROKEN” through suffering, I hate the pain,

Can God use this for someone’s gain?

But a deeper brokenness, over my sin

Is the doorway to finding God’s grace, within!

“BELOVED” we are called, the wonder of grace(!),

No matter our failure or vile disgrace!

The deepest thing that’s now truest of you,

A new identity, God’s love is true!

“BELONGING,” God knitting the deepest connections,

Sewing us together in His sweet affections,

A heart longing to know and be fully known,

I belong and matter, no longer alone.

“BUILDING” relationships over many long years,

Marriages, families, and friends, through many tears,

Building our character, disciples, and wisdom,

Building finances, businesses, and God’s kingdom.

“BRIDGING,” getting beyond my little story,

Doing what I can to extend God’s grand story.

For Him, from cups of water to missions abroad,

What matters more than helping people find God?

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