Easter Confusion


Last Easter we were heading to the park with the kids. Charlotte and Luke sped ahead on their scooters. Jessica chased after them to make sure they were safe and I was escorting Owen as he was “riding” his scooter. He hadn’t quite got the hang of  steering and pumping his foot at the same…

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VBS is coming up soon!


Mark your calendars! June 12th-16th! We are going to have a galaxy worth of fun for all preschool and elementary age students! 

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A Christmas Devotional


Christmas Devotional December 25th 2022 Day 1: When C.S. Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, he was searching for a way to help people experience the Gospel in a new and fresh way. Sometimes the Christmas story can become something that we just go through. We hear the same story every year and sometimes it…

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God so loved


…God so loved… It is affirmed here that God so loved the world. The term “God” is the designation of the divine nature, and so can be used either for the Father; for Jesus, the Son; or for the Holy Spirit. In this verse, obviously “God” is used for the Father, who gave his Son.…

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The Woman at the Well


An excerpt from our daily devotional. Please let us know if you would like to sign up to receive these in your email each week!   There is a hole in our lives so deep, a longing so great that can only be quenched by one thing. That is God himself. A hole that seems…

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Talking to our Father


It’s dangerously easy to approach prayer with the wrong mindset. We can easily assume it’s all about getting what we want or controlling our situations. It’s almost like God is a happiness vending machine or something. That’s backwards. In the first few months of His ministry, Jesus laid out a life-changing model for prayer. Matthew…

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