Little Lambs Preschool Irvine


We are so excited for the launch of Little Lambs Preschool February 1st! Please join us in praying for all the children who attend. If you have not had a chance yet, please check out Little Lambs website.  We are happy to announce that all members of PCI will be offered a 10% discount for…

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Opening a Preschool.


Lance and I have been having a lot of fun tackling the challenges that come with opening a school for our little ones. We have the infrastructure in place and are on track for a January launch! What an exciting time in our church. The chance to engage our kids as well as having a…

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The Pumpkin Gospel


If you are looking for a great way to share the Gospel with your kids while you are carving pumpkins, I give you the Pumpkin Gospel: First take an ordinary pumpkin, when you look at it you can see there is nothing particularly special about it.  Some are fat and short, others are tall and…

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Christian Worldview – Sanctity of Life


I have witnessed the wonder of childbirth. As a caring husband and expectant father, I stood at my wife’s side to encourage her as she gave birth to each of our three children. At our third child’s birth, the medical team even allowed me to snip the umbilical cord. I still get emotional when I…

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Knowing God


I’ve been reading the book Knowing God bu J.I. Packer and really been enjoying it. He lists out five core truths about the knowledge of God that Christians have. God has spoken to man, and the Bible is His Word, given to us to make us wise unto salvation. God is Lord and King over…

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Writing the Bible Ten Verses at a Time


I loved when I had the opportunity to go through the North Star Training Program with our church, it was a really great learning experience. One of the highlights was reading through the Bible really quickly, it really helped to see the overarching story of the Bible, from the onset of sin, to it’s defeat…

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