The Bible


Over the next three weeks on Sunday morning, we are going to be looking at the Bible. I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t we do that every week?” Yes, by the grace of God we do, but over the next few weeks, we are going to be looking at the book, or in this case,…

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What is the Bible


Human and Divine Literature   “God works with his human partners in and through the Spirit, not to override or diminish human agency but to empower his people to become vehicles of God’s heavenly life here on Earth” The Bible is neither a collection of golden tablets dropped from heaven, nor the work of human…

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Why we believe the Bible


God’s Word We believe that God’s Word—which we call the Bible—is the lens that explains how the world works. It’s the primary way God has chosen to communicate with people about who He is, who we are, and what His plan is for the world. At its core, it’s actually a love story about how…

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Say no to Idolatry


“Graven images” grow out of an idolatrous heart Israel created this image because they were scared. They didn’t trust God … They weren’t satisfied with Him, and felt like they needed something besides Him (or in addition) to, to protect them. Now, granted, they made an image that reflected God, but the whole thing was…

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Easter Confusion


Last Easter we were heading to the park with the kids. Charlotte and Luke sped ahead on their scooters. Jessica chased after them to make sure they were safe and I was escorting Owen as he was “riding” his scooter. He hadn’t quite got the hang of  steering and pumping his foot at the same…

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VBS is coming up soon!


Mark your calendars! June 12th-16th! We are going to have a galaxy worth of fun for all preschool and elementary age students! 

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