Journal Your Experience for Historical Record


A nation-wide quarantine is quite rare, and most definitely will be written about in history books for years to come. This is a great time to write a record day by day of not only events on the news, but of personal opinions and perspectives. What a gift it will be to a later generation…

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A Thought on Parenting


I was listening to a Podcast with Pastor Mike Erre the other day and he was talking about parenting his teenage children. As a parent and spending the majority of my career working with teens, I took an active interest in what he had to say. He started by relating the way our heavenly father…

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Family Fun Night


Fall is on its way. The weather is starting to cool off a little. The sun is setting earlier, and it actually rained the other day! I read a book recently called, “52 Creative Family Time Experiences,” and I wanted to share some of the ideas the book shares to bring faith into your home.…

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The Omnipotence of God


God is Omnipotent meaning, all powerful. There is nothing he can’t do. From creating the universe to changing our sinful human nature! Listen as Pastor Seth walks us through the life of Job and others as we learn about the Omnipotence of God.

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Character of God: God is Eternal


We are starting a new series this week on the different characteristics of God.  As we go through the Bible to see what God reveals about His character, we start with what it means for God to be ‘Eternal’ by looking at how God called of Moses out to lead His chosen people.    

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Can You Have Morality Without a Law-giving God?


Is it possible to have morality without a moral law giver? Pastor Seth takes a look at what it where morality comes from, and explores what God’s word says and what people say about the idea of absolute moral truths.

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