Seth Gatchell

Check Ups


Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. It’s better to take your car to Jiffy Lube than change the oil yourself. Here are a few of my “experiences:” oil spill on driveway the size of the Alaskan tanker Valdez, forgot to put “plug” back in oil pan resulting in Valdez oil spill up the…

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It’s Taxing!?!?


Dave Tippett gives us Five Signs You’ve Gone to a Bad Tax Service 5. They ask if you want fries with that refund. 4. IRS auditors have their own parking spot. 3. Corporate motto: “Never Convicted!” 2. They can replace your muffler at the same time. 1. They have a frequent guest punch card from…

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Attitude Adjustment


Over the last few weeks I’ve talked to lots of people about their lives. A common thread runs through virtually every conversation–dissatisfaction. The list is almost endless. Dissatisfied with their spouse, their marriage, their work, our church, having to make an effort to do something, having to make an extra 10 minute trip in the…

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DRA’s: Dirty, Rotten Attitudes


DRA’s come rolling out of our hearts like hot lava out of a volcano, with heat and fire. Negative, cynical, critical, can’t do mentality, are some of our favorites. You run into them every day. Listen to parents at school, overhear office talk in the break room, the chatter during phone calls and e-mail, and…

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Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you.” Jesus clearly says to put Him and His cause first. Unless we do that our “autopilot” will be, “Me First.” Though virtually anyone with a pulse will see through the raw self-centeredness of “me first,” we…

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A New Beginning


Feel stuck? There are times in everyone’s life when we get stuck. We’ve done everything we know to do. No change. God uses those times to draw us to Him. He desires that we know Him, trust Him, and utilize His power in our lives. Trouble is, until we’ve been stuck long enough, we won’t…

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