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Poem: The Inheritance



August 1, 2017


A poor, elderly couple sat in the office

Of a middle aged attorney’s legal practice.

The reading of the will, as they sat in posh chairs,

A filthy-rich man just made them millionaires!


The lawyer had known the deceased for many years,

Whose passing brought the lawyer to impassioned tears.

To hear all that the man had left for this couple

Made his love for the man that much more supple.


The long list of items in the inheritance

Was more stunning than anyone’s extravagance.

The deceased was spectacularly generous,

His gifts to this couple mixed with tenderness.


A farm was bequeathed, which brought the man to tears,

He’d left a farm he loved, back in his childhood years.

A ranch was bequeathed, with one hundred horses,

These girl’s ranch days had ended with dad’s divorces.


A five-bedroom home sat perched on the waterfront,

With a yard so big grandkids could Easter Egg hunt.

God’s sun sat at dusk from this home on the ocean,

But they were clouded with competing emotions.


The inheritance was stunning, gifts and treasure,

Certainly beyond them and beyond all measure.

While almost anyone else would have been thrilled,

The deceased was their son, and for them had been killed!


Til heav’n comes, I too will be an “inheritant.”

The wealth of which makes “toys” here seem irrelevant.

There’s nothing I would trade, no trinkets, no treasure

Than share my inheritance all for His pleasure.