A New Beginning

March 20, 2008

Sermon Series: A New BeginningFeel stuck? There are times in everyone’s life when we get stuck. We’ve done everything we know to do. No change. God uses those times to draw us to Him. He desires that we know Him, trust Him, and utilize His power in our lives.

Trouble is, until we’ve been stuck long enough, we won’t really go to Him. Even if we did we have no idea how to utilize His power. I invite you to my new message series, A New Beginning. In eight weeks, we hope to get you “un-stuck” with a fresh start!

Here are the topics we will be covering:

Mar. 23: We Don’t Have the Power to Change the Big Things.
You need more than a “better you.”

Mar. 30: We Need God Who Gives Power to Change.
God’s power is equal to life’s greatest challenges.

Apr. 6: God’s Power Comes to Those Who Admit Their Need.
Humility is the door through which God walks into our lives and power comes.

Apr. 13: Put God’s Power to Work in Your Everyday Life.
God’s power doesn’t just “show up.” There is something you must do.

Apr. 20: Be Honest About Your Faults with God.
God’s power flows through humble and honest people.

Apr. 27: Be Honest About Your Faults with People.
How do I appropriate God’s power into my most important relationships?

May 4: Seek to Re-Build Relationships from God’s Perspective.
Putting life back into old relationships comes through a surprising door.

May 18: Let God Use You to Make a Difference with Others.
God wants to use His power in you to make a lasting difference with others.

God doesn’t use “gifted” people or “strong” people. Amazingly, God takes our weaknesses, and transforms them into something that will make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.