• F4C Fall Session- Mornings 9-10am
  • Beginning Sept. 15th through Nov. 21st,  Mon. Wed. Fri. 
  • Cost $100.00
  • Instructor: Tasha Anderson
  • F4C Fall Session-Nights 6:30-7:30pm
  • Beginning Sept. 15th through Nov.19th,  Mon. & Wed. only.
  • Cost $100.00
  • Instructor: Sherie Sellers
FIT4CHRIST Meets at Pacific Church in the main sanctuary.


What is F4C?

Fit4Christ is a health and fitness ministry designed to empower and equip all women in maintaining healthy bodies for Christ.

Who can participate in F4C?

All women—no matter what age, race or religion — who desire to be physically and spiritually transformed for life and Lord!

What type of exercise does F4C offer?

A dynamic combination of strength, core, and cardiovascular endurance training offers the busy woman a total body workout in less than one hour.

Do I have to be physically fit to be in F4C?

No.  Fit4Christ is designed for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.  Each exercise is taught with modifications and alternatives for each fitness level.

Do I need equipment

No. Essential equipment needs are provided for you, such as hand weights, resistance tubes, and balance balls.   You may choose to bring your own towel or floor mat.  

For more information on Fit4Christ go to;

 https://www.pacificchurch.com/ministries/women/or  contact   [email protected]

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