• Summer Curriculum
  • Course Title : God’s Family, Who God Is, Attitudes
  • Bible Passages: Genesis; Exodus; 1 Samuel; 1 Kings; 2 Chronicles; Jeremiah; Mark; Luke; John; Acts; Philemon
  • Life Focus: Treating others with respect; God’s Characteristics; Godly attitudes and actions.
  • Core Worldview Questions: How is God’s character expressed through His dealings with Israel, His Church and us as individuals?
  • Bible Skills: Locating various passages, memory of verses
  • Bible Knowledge and Life Response: To help the student know that God wants us to trust, love and obey Him; that God can help us grow in Christian maturity.  To respond by trusting Jesus as Savior; by serving Jesus in his or her church and demonstrating attitudes and actions that reflect love for Jesus.
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