The Importance of Praise

Developing a Life of Prayer–Part 1

Prayer comes easy when your backs are against the wall, but when life is “going smoothly” a strange thing happens–our prayer life crumbles and we tend to forget God. Developing a consistent prayer life doesn’t come easy. This week we’ll look at one of the most important components of prayer–praise, and why it is so crucial.

Praise is glorifying God for Who and What He is and for how this affects you.



Who is God?

Read 1 Chronicles 29:11-19. OUT LOUD. David and all the leaders of Israel had just given generously to purchase and donate the materials to build the temple.

1. How would you describe David’s attitude?

2. Why do you think David was euphoric? Check any of the items below and add your own:
___ David gave to the Lord
___ The leaders gave to the Lord
___ David saw God really was at work in this project
___ David got a fresh glimpse of the character of God–who He is
___ Because of that fresh glimpse of the character of God, He realized at a deeper level that God was for him.
___ Other: _______________________________________________________________

3. List every attribute David praises of God’s character. (Look for at least a dozen)

4. How do you think David’s attitude is shaped by his awareness of who God is.

5. What usually shapes your attitude?

6. Does our attitude “just happen?” Can we “shape” or “build” our attitude in life? Of course! One of the most potent ways of doing this is remembering and vocalizing who God is–praise!!

Go back and read 1 Chronicles 29:11-13 OUT LOUD slowly, and to God.


The first 39 chapters of Isaiah are generally messages of coming judgment for Israel and the nations. From Isaiah 40-66, the prophet shifts to a brighter day, after judgment for sin is complete. When you have been painfully aware of your sin, and know that God has given you a “spanking” for it (His discipline), what do you need? Hmmm, welcome to our passage for the rest of the week!

Read Isaiah 40:1-11 OUT LOUD

1. In verses 3-11, list every attribute/characteristic of God:

2. Which of these attributes would give you, a humbled people, some comfort?

** From the bible’s point of view, every person lives his life based either upon circumstances or the nature and character of God. When we viewed life based on our circumstances we strapped ourselves into a roller coaster and embarked on a wild ride! God is intent on changing that! He longs for us to be secure, not in our circumstances but in His character–who He is.

3. Compare and contrast the following:

a. God’s coming deliverance in power and His tenderness (vv. 1-5):

b. What men think and what God’s word says (vv. 6-8):

c. God’s power (v. 10) and His heart (v. 11):

4. What were your favorite verses from this passage? Read them again, OUT LOUD.


On DAY 1, David was prompted to see God at work when stingy people became generous and delighted givers. On DAY 2, Isaiah was prompted to pray when he realized that the days of judgment were ending and God was coming as Deliverer and Comforter!

Read Isaiah 40:12-17 OUT LOUD

1. In v. 12, Isaiah asks five questions. Which of the following characteristics of God do you think Isaiah is illustrating:
___ Greatness
___ Majesty
___ Power
___ Other: ____________________

2. In vv. 13-14, Isaiah uses the same technique (asking tongue-in-cheek questions) to illustrate what characteristics of God:
___ Divine knowledge
___ Divine wisdom
___ Diving perspective
___ Other: ___________________________

3. In vv. 15-17, Isaiah repeats the pattern. What characteristics of God are illustrated here:
___ Grandness of God
___ Greatness
___ Power
___ Majesty
___ Other: _________________

4. God’s people had repeatedly built their lives (and hearts) around idolatry–the pursuit of trying to (1) control their world as they wanted, and to (2) build their life on what they wanted. Isaiah addresses this “fascination” with idolatry. What point is he making in vv. 18-20?

How would the characteristics of God listed and illustrated in vv. 12-17 help make his case?

5. Go back and read vv. 12-18 out loud.


Praising God is something we should do because it is right and is due to God. But it also meant to have a tremendous benefit to us, as we’ve seen in the passages this week.

Read Isaiah 40:21-31 OUT LOUD

1. What strikes you about Isaiah’s four rhetorical questions in vs. 21?

2. The biblical writers are trying to reveal God’s character and person in ways that we can comprehend. Isaiah does this in v. 22. What aspects of God’s character is Isaiah trying to reveal?

3. The people had been under judgment from some awful kings. What does Isaiah say God does with wicked rulers? (v. 23-24)

4. What is the answer to Isaiah’s rhetorical question in v. 25?

5. Isaiah provides more evidence of God’s character in v. 26. What characteristics of God is Isaiah wanting us to see and appreciate?

6. What was the attitude of the people in v. 27? In which of these can you relate?

7. The answer to the doubt, cynicism, criticism of God and their own despondency is addressed in vv. 28-31. Write down next to each verse what Isaiah sees that the people need to remember about God’s character:
v. 28-

v. 29–

v. 30–

v. 31–

8. What strikes you most about God’s character in this passage?

9. Read Isaiah 40:21-31 OUT LOUD.


Becoming a person who regularly praises God is no easy feat! Our hearts “naturally” shy away from this. You should expect resistance from yourself!

One way to move forward is to NOT have to come up with what you’re going to praise God for, on your own! It really helps to have plenty of “arrows” in the quiver, as opposed to having to whittle all your own arrows! Today you will get a glimpse into my Praise Tool Box, the arrows in my “quiver.”

On a “daily” basis, begin your prayer time with one of these passages or verses, below OUT LOUD. Over time these things will slowly develop in you:

You will:
• Learn the “language” of prayer
• Be able to praise God for more than just what you can come up with
• Be teaching your heart to view your life from God’s perspective and His character not your own
• Develop an appreciation for praise
• Slowly learn the truth that only God can meet your deepest needs

1. Today, pick one of the following and begin your journey of praise OUT LOUD!!!


1 Chronicles 29:11-13
Isaiah 40:21-31
Psalm 139
Psalm 63
Psalm 36:5-11
Exodus 15:1-18
Psalm 84
Psalm 23
Luke 1:46-55
Psalm 46
Psalm 71
Psalm 62
Psalm 34


Jeremiah 9:23-24
Jeremiah 23:24
Revelation 4:8, 11
Roman 11:33-36
Romans 8:31-39
Philippians 2:3-11
Jude 24-25

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