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The Silver Lining of Loneliness



A sense of loneliness is inevitable.

It’s so disconcerting, and so irritable.

Can any one person fill the deepest caverns?

Can spoonfuls of water fill the deepest cisterns?


Loneliness isn’t “bad,” not a “problem to solve.”

Awakens deeper needs, mysteries to resolve!

When we expect others, their love to be showing,

We’ll feel cold loneliness like the north wind blowing.


Human love’s so fickle, it came, but will it stay

When younger beauty fades and your hair turns to gray?

When money bellies up? When shiny luster pales?

When your charm turns to harm and when your strong health fails?


Loneliness is a gift to ignite reflections,

To chart a different course, move in new directions.

Where is the answer found? Toward new horizontals?

Lift your eyes heavenward, to wondrous verticals.


Loneliness is hunger, loneliness deepens thirst,

And reminds me God’s love was designed to be first.

Why does God want our love? He wants an odd exchange.

Give him your human love. Watch your human heart change!


Loneliness is my friend, an ever-needed prod,

Loneliness reminds me that my heart needs You, God.

Oh blessed loneliness! My wayward heart’s true friend.

You are the stairway up, Godward, my heart ascends.


Loneliness reminds me that though God’s love is real,

So many days will pass and His love I’ll not feel.

Homesick? Yearning? Groaning? Redeeming when I’m glum!

A hunger for heaven, longing for what’s to come!


God’s love is rarely felt in my isolation.

Water sitting at home will turn to stagnation.

Love is to be poured out like afternoon showers,

And finds truest value splashing hearts of others.