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Looking in the mirror, who do I think I see?

Do I see the real me? Or who you too see me?

I think I also see a man still on the mend,

Am I really all three? Quite a confusing blend!


I also see myself, the person I aspire.

But often falling short, though I want to inspire.

Am I who I want you to think I really am?

Afraid and hiding out? Running a daily scam?


This strange Identity, what does it hope to gain?

It seems very busy in trying to stop pain.

It’s craving to be loved, and seems so impressive,

But the effort it takes seems, oh, so oppressive!


Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! It makes such great demands!

Masquerading as me! Does someone understand?

Many masks and costumes, Identity’s closet,

Playing roles? Reading scripts? Am I a composite?


Running! Running! Running! What do I hope to gain?

Hiding! Hiding! Hiding! Striving to avoid pain?

But where is the real me? Can anybody say?

Or just Identity, my persona in play?


Identity’s a fraud, an evil taskmaster,

But if it surrenders to the real self’s Master

Masquerading no more! Masks can gladly depart!

It’s how He thinks of me that peace comes to my heart.


There’s nothing more to earn; to Him I’m important,

The old Identities are now so discordant!

On my behalf the cross, He took my sin and shame!

His death, His blood, His love, He gave me a new name!


Am I a glass pitcher, clean and filled with water,

Someone who refreshes, slaking thirsts of others?

The real me emerges as I pour myself out,

Pouring the love of Christ from my new water spout.


Am I like a glass vase, feeding flowers’ beauty?

Finding my truest self in God’s tour of duty?

Jesus’ living water inside of this glass vase,

The lost, bud, the saved, bloom, finding life due to grace!


To find identity is not a solo act.

If I focus on me, I’ll surely get off track!

To regain the real me, look in community.

To lose myself I’ll find, my true identity.