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March 5, 2018


I seem to use a scorecard ev’ry day:

“How’s it going? Are things going my way?”

“Are things finally ‘coming together’?”

“Are struggles getting any easier?”


“Will they finally be in a good mood?”

“Will she notice her crummy attitude?”

“Did somebody notice what I did well?”

“I’d like more passion to really excel.”


“Are things at home more calm and more peaceful?”

“Am I getting my due? What’s fair? Equal?”

“Is there less drama? Why can’t we agree?!?!”

“Why won’t a loved one want to be with me?”


Do I have a tyrannical scorecard?!

Have I buried my peace in its graveyard?

Do I create my own anxiety?

I’m torpedoing my own piety!


The scorecard I have creates misery!

If I use it, I’ll have anxiety!

Demanded outcomes bring pressure to bear,

So little control, I’ve stepped in a snare.


With each new question and with each new thought,

Worry and tension built through things I sought.

No peace will I find holding that scorecard.

I must tear it up! Throw it overboard!


To write a new scorecard where would I start?

Be a blessing? Think of one to impart?

Honor God today; proudly wear His name.

Serve someone at work; His love I’ll proclaim.


With my new scorecard, I’ll give up “my way:”

“How’s it going for you? How is your day?”

“May your troubles start coming together.”

“I hope your struggles will get easier.”


Oh, Lord, please help me be in a good mood.

May I exemplify Christ’s attitude.

I want to encourage one who did well.

May I increase their passion to excel.


Even if little is calm and peaceful,

Help me lay down my life for your people.

May I quell drama, find ways to agree,

Keep on loving when one doesn’t love me.


With this new mindset and a new scorecard,

May I spread peace in a world that is hard.

Help me see folks and their anxiety,

May blessing flow out of my piety.


This scorecard I have creates inquiry!

They ask why I have wee anxiety!

“Desired outcomes I’ve left to His care.

Whatever He gives, with joy I will share.”



(Philippians 4:6-9; Psalm 116:7; Psalm 91:1; Matthew 6:25-34; I Peter 5:7; Mark 4:19)