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Family Fun Night

Fall is on its way. The weather is starting to cool off a little. The sun is setting earlier, and it actually rained the other day!

I read a book recently called, “52 Creative Family Time Experiences,” and I wanted to share some of the ideas the book shares to bring faith into your home. This first one is great for children of any age, and can be easily paired with hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced anything!

     Main Point: God put us in Families to learn about Him, life and love.

     Materials: Socks, Bowls

Ask: Do parents ever get the day off? What would happen if parents took off for one day and did just what we wanted too? Slept in, played video games, didn’t go to work, watched sports all day?

Read: Deuteronomy 5: 7-10

Family Discussion: God put us in families to learn about Him, Life and love

  1. Why does God warn, “No other gods, only Me?” (God deserves first place in our lives)
  2. God expects parents to tell their kids about the true God. How do parents do that? (By telling their kids about the true God in contrast to the fake gods that humans make. Parents also show what God is like by setting an example of what they are trying to teach their kids.)

Activity: Bowl of Mercy Sock Toss

Roll up ten pairs of CLEAN socks. place ten bowls three feet away for small children or six feet  away for older children. Take turns trying to throw the sock balls into each bowl. The goal is to attempt to get one sock ball into each bowl. Keep score of who ever gets the most socks into the bowls.

Younger Children: Ask, “we learn about love and God in our family, when do you feel loved?”

Teens: What would it be like to be in a family that didn’t have any rules? What would it be like if lying, stealing, and being mean were okay?

Wrap Up:

                         Ask: What was it like trying to land a sock in each bowl?
Say: The ten bowls represent God’s Ten Commandments. The first few verses talk about putting God first in our lives. This                                            isn’t easy because we would rather put ourselves first. Trying to land a sock in each bowl is hard to do too. But there is a                                        reward…”

Ask: What promise does God make to those who love Him and keep His commandments?
(That He will be lovingly loyal to them.)

What are some ways we “put God first in our lives?” (By thinking of Him first; by knowing what He says and obeying                                              Him; and by wanting to know Him as much as wanting to get something.)

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