Be like the moon

As we study the very nature of God (theology) we often see Biblical references to light.  God is light…Jesus is light (metaphorically speaking), and there is something special about the trinitarian nature of God and the “light of His Truth” that chases away lies and untruth.  In trying to share Truth, sometimes we actually forget, a little, that we are NOT the light.  Try as we might, we lack the goodness, the perfection, the righteousness, to be lights ourselves.

Good news, though!  We can reflect God’s light.  God has created us in His image.  As such, and though we are far from perfect, we have the capacity to reflect God’s goodness and his love, if only in small ways.

Consider it this way.  God is like the sun.  He is the SOURCE of light.  There is a world that we live in, much of which is in darkness.  In some cases, it even hides from the light, because the light reveals things that the enemy wants to keep hidden.  So the enemy whispers to people to “stay in the dark,” where their deeds can be hidden.  (Though God sees them anyway.)  We have the ability, however, to be like the moon.  Damaged and pock-marked, like the surface of the moon, we still have the ability to reflect the light of God, to the dark side of the world.  Testifying, in a sense, to the existence of the greater light, by being a dim reflection of His brightness.  Cool, huh? :)

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