Redstone Castle

When I was a kid, our family vacationed at Redstone Castle in Colorado. (Google it!) This poem reflects back on those magical days at the castle. Those reflections evoke longings for a castle and life still to come…


The Redstone Castle, grand, a Tudor in its style.

It’s Rocky Mountain home, in beauty it beguiles.

The sounds of mountain streams, the Crystal River flows.

A breath-taking scene lies in the valley below.


Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop, horse hooves on cobblestones,

Carriages, dapper squires, the courtyard and a throne.

Stable horses curried, the Carriage House aglow,

A ride through aspen trees, and a flowered meadow.


Beauty of red stoned walls, a place for bride and groom.

The Great Room for their guests, games in the billiard room.

The Sun Room for breakfast. “See the deer at the creek?!”

But of this wondrous place I scarcely dare to speak!


“Secret passageways” here, antiqued rooms to explore.

Art, chandeliers, candles, wonder beyond each door.

A patio sun splashed, where fellowship so rich.

Pine trees aroma bathes while people’s hearts enriched.


Am I longing backward, toward magic’s childhood days?

Am I longing forward toward wonder of heav’ns days?

Sweet longings of the past prompt desires yet to roam.

Extrapolating joy ‘til joyfully back home!


Such joy in memories, awakens joys to come.

Rich childhood joys that live, joys of what I’ll become.

Alive and running free in castles and in joy.

Breakfasting with the King like when I was a boy.