Christian Worldview – Sanctity of Life

I have witnessed the wonder of childbirth. As a caring husband and expectant father, I stood at my wife’s side to encourage her as she gave birth to each of our three children. At our third child’s birth, the medical team even allowed me to snip the umbilical cord. I still get emotional when I ponder those remarkable moments.

Each time, my wife and I both sensed that we were participating with God in a miracle—the miracle of life. Remembering my children’s births reminds me that “we are remarkably and wondrously made” (Ps. 139:14). Every human being from the moment of conception bears the image of our Creator God (Gen. 1:27)!

Although we are marred by our sin, the sanctity of human life continues from the womb to the grave. The lives of older adults are no less valuable in God’s eyes than those of the newest infants. Many churches today establish specific ministry programs for people of all ages, particularly for those who
are most vulnerable in a warped, sin-dominated culture. Today, many parts of our world are torn by racism and other similar forms of injustice. Injustice occurs when we make a value judgment about the lesser worth of people who are different from us, whether in ethnicity, ability, social status, or some other feature. As followers of Christ, we need to continually remind ourselves that God created all human life. Bearing His image makes every person valuable and worthy of respect.