December 8, 2020


Look at the lake in the stillness of early morn,

The water is like glass, not a ripple is born.

But the “color” of the lake is not just deep blue,

Its color reflects the colors of what’s in view.


I can “see” the trees rooted on the other side,

As if floating on the water, sleeping on their side.

I can see the red brick house, so stately and tall,

But reflected in the lake, it looks rather small.


Though the lake is still, the reflection’s still not clear,

It’s a little fuzzy, wavy with a small blear,

Even when I reflect on what I just saw,

Is my mind wavy, carrying a flaw?


When I try to see God, is His reflection dimmed?

Is it impossible to just clearly “see” Him?

I “see” Him in creation, His beauty and grandeur,

I see Him most clearly, in Jesus my savior.




-1 Corinthians 13:12