January 5, 2021

We all chase after that elusive something.

Is it romance, success, or who I’m becoming?

Where is meaning? Through political correctness?

Kids? Service? Hawaii? Gym? Why am I restless?


Is there one who knows the ugliest parts of you?

Has seen the very worst of you and still is true?

Has seen your wrath, and watched you be cruel,

Not backed away when you played the stubborn fool?


Is there one who knows you when the lights are turned off?

Your blackest thoughts, hurled at him, arrogantly scoff?

Who’s taken your vilest words and damnedest taunts?

But after all of that mess, it’s you He still wants!!


What kind of love is it, that pays that steep price?

At the bottom of my soul, nothing else will suffice!

All of my muddy muck and all of my mire

On the cross, received, and threw it all in hell’s fire!