(In honor of God and Mother’s Day)


A thing of rare beauty, inside a woman’s heart.

A jewel that invites you, to rest and be a part.

An invitation, warm, receives you to her side,

Sweet enjoyment found there, like warmth of fireside.


Why does this beauty hide? Concealed behind her fear?

Shrouded, under cover, afraid that you might sneer?

Insecure and fearful, haunted by rejection?

“I won’t invite! I fear, loss of your affection.”


Then Satan’s whispers heard, “You have nothing to give.

Play it safe. Don’t engage. If you do you’ll misgive.”

Satan’s sly plan at work, she’s curved in on herself.

And there the jewel will hide, alone and by itself.


Her heart peeks through the cracks of self-“protective” walls,

Looking for when its “safe,” to thwart rejection’s calls.

Her heart sits in shadows, numb, and given up hope,

That she will be wanted. “Control” “helps” her to “cope.”


Through the years cobwebs grow, her heart, in shadows, dimmed.

Heart’s curtains are closing, her candle wicks are trimmed.

A crusty shell hardens. Is she trapped in her skin?

“Unwanted and unloved!” Vile lies echo within.


All the voices she “hears,” and her own voice as well,

The “Choir of Despair” sings her dulled heart’s death knell!

But a lion’s voice roars! God calls across the land!

He will not let her go!! The search for her? At hand!!


He rides with sword and Son, a horse as strong as rock.

The sword can pierce heart’s walls, and crush her cinder blocks.

The Son burns her cobwebs, and shadows fade and wince.

Prison doors are unlocked. The princess meets her Prince!


God made your beauty’s jewel back before you were born.

Though you try and hide it, it cannot be unborn!

Let The Prince have your heart! He’ll find your beauty’s gleam!

He makes radiant hearts, God’s beauty’s meant to beam!


You see it in her smile, born from God’s love for her,

Shines like the morning dawn, sweet as a kitten’s purr.

THAT gleam that’s in her eyes, gives life to all around,

Her heart teems with His life, I find myself spellbound!


She mirrors Jesus’ heart, invitational love,

“Come, all who are weary, find peace here, like a dove.”

A place to bare your soul, midst hardship and trials,

A harbor, refreshment, enjoyment, gleams and smiles.