Kids Church 6 Week Easter Series

Kids Church will be starting a 6-week Easter series beginning on March 20th. It’s a great time to invite new friends and make sure you are here for each part of the series! They will be reading The Garden The Curtain and the Cross and learning about God’s Easter story from Genesis to Revelation. Each week will break up the Gospel story into parts; beginning in the Garden where God walked with us, to talking about sin and that everyone sins, but God has a plan to fix sin. Then about Jesus being God’s plan to bring us back to Him and that we can invite others into this plan to be with God forever, just like in the Garden!

Each week will have Bible discoveries, games and ways to “Take it Home”. A gift will be given to all the kiddos who participate each week and a special Easter prize to anyone who invites a friend!! Don’t miss this special series, March 20-April 24. Preschool and Elementary class included!
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