Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Christmas 2019

The human dilemma’s incurable disease,

Fraught with conflict, drama, maker of misery.

Not positive thinking, nor resolutions new,

Can overcome the sin that lies in me and you.


We put on happy fronts, “Everything is OK.”

“Great things are happening.” (At least, that’s what we say).

But something’s in the heart that makes a mess of life,

Blames the mess on others, while we create more strife.


Just what can reach the heart, to get inside, transform

That part of me, broken? A new heart, He can form!

He, with no sin within, in you His heart install!

The “fix” is on the way, you’ll find Him in a stall.


Perhaps you won’t see Him, lying in a manger,

“Just another baby,” maybe just a stranger.

But hanging on a cross, He in mortal danger,

There, you will see His love. He’s the heart exchanger!

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