He Took Our Poison

In Kenya, at the Kejave Medical Center, eight-year-old named Monica broke her leg when falling into a pit. An older woman, Mama Njeri, came along and climbed into the pit to help get Monica out. Neither of them saw a poisonous black Mamba snake. The black mamba bit both Mama Njeri and Monica. Monica was admitted to the medical center. Mama Njeri went home, but died in her sleep.

The next day a missionary nurse explained Mama Njeri’s death to Monica. The snake had bitten both of them, but all the snake’s poison was expended on Mama Njeri. There was only a small amount of venom left in Monica’s snake bite.

The nurse shared Jesus had taken the poison of Monica’s sin so that she could have a new life. Monica then understood the wonder of the gospel, that Jesus had taken on our sin. She became a Christian that day.