Easter Confusion

Last Easter we were heading to the park with the kids. Charlotte and Luke sped ahead on their scooters. Jessica chased after them to make sure they were safe and I was escorting Owen as he was “riding” his scooter.

He hadn’t quite got the hang of  steering and pumping his foot at the same time, So I would steer it when he was about to fall off the curb, and he would say, “Don’t daddy, I got this” Or I would put my hand on his back to keep his momentum going, to which he would reply, “Don’t daddy, I got this.” Rinse and repeat the whole way to the park.

In the middle of that little ride, Owen looked up at me and said, “Daddy, Jesus died for our sins.” I was like, YES! Father of the year. “That’s right, son. He did die for our sins.” I’m thinking, here I am, discipling at home, like a boss. I said, “Then what happened next, buddy?” Owen started to think about it, I started to order my worlds best dad mug on amazon, and he smiled, and he looked up at me and said, “And then the Easter Bunny brings me candy!” I was like, “Well, I could see why you think that.