Just Finished Year Two of Northstar


I got to be a part of the first group to go through our new church program called NorthStar and I have to say, I loved it! If you are a member of our church, I highly recommend that you consider going through this training the next time it comes around. I will admit, you…

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Bible Study Book Report


Recently, Seth and I were talking about different ways to study your Bible and how to retain the information you studied for a longer period of time. It made me remember writing book reports back in elementary school. To this day I can still remember the majority of the books I read and wrote a book…

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Leadership Musts


As we are coming toward the end of the second year of our Northstar Leadership Training, I have compiled a list of things I must do for the people that God has seen fit to have me in their lives as a leader: I must CARE for them (Communication, Affirmation, Recognition, and Example) I must…

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The Justice Games


Join us on Tuesday, March 8th for the Justice Games, a fun night of competition and games! All who come will have a chance to win two tickets, for themselves and a friend, to see Batman vs. Superman with Mark Jackson himself! It will take the place of Youth Group at its normal time 7:00…

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Winter Camp


February 5th-7th we are taking off for the snow! The high school and junior high school students are heading to big bear for a weekend of fun, adventure, and time with Jesus. We are looking forward to a chance to get to know each other better and enjoy some sledding and hot coco!

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Social Media


Here is a link to a great website for anyone who is concerned with their teens use of social media. We live in a world where danger can be as close as a click away. It is important to stay on top of potentially dangerous situations, and to teach our youth to avoid them…

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