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Seed-Sower; Truth-Teller Who is My Neighbor? – part 2 Week of March 11, 2012    Last week we asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Whomever God puts in front of you. Care is both a noun and a verb. Care must be expressed, relationally, in action, in words.       DAY 1 As you care about lost people,…

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201 Class: How to Grow as a Christian


The 201 class is designed to give you LOTS of ideas to spur you on in growing with the Lord. It’s very practical stuff I’ve used over the last 35 years! It’s helped “unlock” the bible to me, and over time has given me a love for God’s word. If you’d like to know how…

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*****5 Self-Defeating Strategies–(cont)*****


Strategy We all have assumptions about how life ought to work. We respond to life in certain ways but there are things we are inclined to do that undermine the very things we want. We set out to get happiness, but in the way we try to get happiness, even when we get what we…

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5 Self-Defeating Strategies


We are in the middle of a great series on trying to figure out “what went wrong” — in a marriage, with my kids, with someone at work, church, the neighborhood or school. “What went wrong” with out finances, my career, etc. WEEK 1: 3 PROBLEMS IN THE HUMAN HEART Every human being deals with…

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New Series: Managing Finances God’s Way


Tired of dealing with money pressure? Is money causing stress in your home? Beginning October 12, we will run a new series called, “Managing Finances God’s Way.” This 7-week series involves: 1. 7 messages regarding how to manage money and not let it “manage” you. 2. Video curriculum (20 minute lessons) from 5 experts in the…

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*** Finding Peace ***


Listen to enough people and your hear them pursuing “peace:” * Inner peace, * Peace  with themselves, * Peace as opposed to  being a worry-wart, * Peace in difficult relationships,  circumstances, or finances, * Peace with difficult kids. Without God, people are left to find peace by their (1) circumstances and (2) own efforts. Think…

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