Palm Sunday at Kids Church!

Boys and girls, between first and fifth grade, file in excitedly as curiosity is in the air.

  • Why the palm branches?
  • Why lay them down before Jesus?
  • Why the atmosphere of celebration?
  • What’s praise and how do I do it?

It’s Palm Sunday at PCI Kids Church and we, the teachers, are revved up to help discover answers!  Here we have the honor of leading kids in learning how to connect to God, to know that He loves them, and that the Bible is God’s true word.

Starting off with a personal song to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down,” Ms. Autumn sings, “Jesus is a friend of mine. He is awesome- he is kind…” After singing along, the kids share their thoughts on what “praise” means:  Saying “I love you!” to my mom. Telling my friend something nice. We also praise Jesus for being our Savior!

Next we each take a Bible and open them up to Luke Chapter 38. Jesus is making his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem.  As each child takes a turn speaking God’s word, a beautiful quiet comes over them. Ms. Autumn is in awe of God’s Holy Presence descending on them all, especially in how they give total focus and respect to their fellow readers. In the story, people cry “Hosanna!” and lay their palm branches down on the ground.

Why are the people doing this with the branches?

One child shares about how Jesus is the king, and the people cry and lay down their branches in worship.

Why do we worship Jesus? What have we seen him do?

Several hands shoot up, joyfully desperate to share about the feeding of the 5,000, the healing of the man with leprosy, giving sight to the blind, and even raising the dead! Every single child had a miracle to offer.

Palm Sunday is a celebration- like a parade. Has anyone ever been to a parade?

Shouts of exclamations emerge from the group like fireworks. A flood of happy details and vivid memories pours forth. Ms. Autumn explains how Palm Sunday is a day of happiness, excitement, and praise for God, like “a million parades put into one!” Just at this moment, the real palm branches are passed out to each child. They can’t help standing up, lifting and swaying them in the air, sharing their joy with their neighbors, fascinated by this new story and this new Jesus come to life!

Finally as their time comes to an end, the kids ask for prayer: Please pray for our family’s road trip…for my fundraiser at school. And we close with thanks to Christ for his Kingdom, his salvation, and for the joy we have in celebrating both this Palm Sunday.

-by Jen

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