Enemy #3


“I met the enemy,” Pogo said. “It is I.”

It seems I’m two people, both the good and bad “I.”

The good I want to do? I slough off guiltily.

The bad I shouldn’t do? “Justified,” willfully!


My needs, my “self,” my plan, to these, stiff-necked, I cling.

Easily “offended,” my feelings act like king.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” “Don’t blame me!” Hardheaded.

‘I don’t need any help!” Stubbornly bullheaded.


I’ve tried loftier goals, New Year’s resolutions,

Accountability, workshops and “solutions.”

But I can’t change my heart! Just what can penetrate?

A new heart’s what I need! And that God can create!


A new heart’s purity, washed in Christ’s precious blood.

A new identity, son of the King’s life blood.

A new disposition, new desires, a new drive.

A new power inside, a new life come alive!