Declutter your soul

A few years ago I watched a documentary called “Minimalism” which inspires people to declutter their homes. Every day we bring stuff into our homes but very rarely do we get rid of stuff, so our lives and homes become cluttered and that creates stress and disorder. So the concept of minimalism is to only keep what you actually need, release your hold of your stuff, making way for a more peaceful and organized life.

I have recently been listening to a podcast where the host talks about soul minimalism. In the same way, every day, we bring “stuff” into our minds and souls. We have constant input, but we don’t intentionally have an outlet. And so we need to declutter our souls. How do we do this? She encourages us to spend 5 minutes a day to just be still and quiet and just be with the Lord. This gives Him a chance to talk to us, to guide us and to infuse us with His peace.

It sounds really simple but I have been trying it for a few days and it really does make a difference. I encourage you try it, minimize your soul clutter :)

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