Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

The Narrow Path

My first twenty years I walked the road broad

Until empty, longing, I came to know God.

Forty-seven years since; on God’s path I have trod.

Different kinds of terrain I’ve walked on this Earth’s sod.


Hovering jungle growth, fear and danger abound

Amidst the STARK unknown ‘twas once lost; now I’m found.

On narrow mountain roads, high above the rough fray

A joy I never knew, to know You and to pray.


Scenic beachside sunsets Your beauty to behold

Even in desert sands, the beauty of the Lord.

Midst wintry suffering, in ice-cold bitter lands

It’s on the tundra I found your comforting hand.


Life has not been easy, victories and defeats,

But even in valleys the Shepherd did I meet.

Upon His narrow road, His path for weary feet

A delighted sheep, I, find His comfort sweet.

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