Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Mansions of the Lord; Home, at Last!

Do you see the faces of people you loved,

In the flower blooms of His gardens, above?

Clatter over the stone bridge; folks all want to see you!

Enter through the narrow gate, this last time through.


In the library, reading back through the old book

Obedience was worth it, on every page you look.

Paintings of people you loved, portraits on walls,

A crown of thorns, and crowns for you in all the halls!


The hearth in the Great Room, such rich décor,

Colorful tapestries and beauty galore!

Golden candelabras, alive in flame

Each candle lit when you shared His name.


The drawing room filled, people full of life

Because you gave your heart, and shared your life.

The banquet hall’s ready, name cards in place

Each chair ready for someone you helped find grace.


Reminiscing, in the quiet drawing room…

Victories won, and what often looked like doom,

Battles of yore, and hard battles won.

The times when you laid your desires down.


The Master of the manor strides through the door,

Smiles because of joys you share and what’s in store!

Seeds sown, love shown, in conversations that mattered.

Our Redeemer God took hearts and made them untattered!


Glad remembering!
Grateful recounting!
Grand realizing!
Makes joyful singing,
Filling every room and
Filling every heart!!!!



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