Men's Ministry

Our Mission:

PCI Men’s Ministry exists to help men discover the love of God, to become followers of God that grow in Christ’s character, and to help fulfill God’s purposes in the people He puts in our lives. We do this through: Bible studies, Retreats, Community Service projects, and social events.



By Seth Gatchell Added: 04/10/2023

Wild horses Loose on the plain, Running wild Without a rein.   Wild thoughts Like a stampede, Dangers galore, Hard to impede.   Lord, please help me Lasso my thinking. May it yet be Corralled, not stinking.   Harnessed and bridled, Combed and saddled. Every thought captive, Wise and perceptive.

Network Men’s Retreat – With 17:6 Group of Churches

By Lance Brown Added: 02/15/2023

Details:                           REGISTER HERE    (Stone Arbor Church) Join us for a Men’s Summit exclusively for the men of 17:6 Network Churches! WHY INVEST your time and money in a weekend experience like this? You will be: Challenged by God’s Word Encouraged through times of worship Spurred on by the men you are shoulder-to-shoulder with…


By Seth Gatchell Added: 11/10/2022

I hear your heart’s need, I hear your heart’s bleed.   I hear your anger, I hear your hunger.   I hear your mopes, I hear your hopes.   I hear your thoughts, I hear your sore spots.   I hear your disconcert, I hear your hurt.   I hear your strain, I hear your…


By Seth Gatchell Added: 06/13/2021

FATHER A joy-filled, but hard task, Be a dad? Sacrifice. Of you, much will be asked. Live for self? Won’t suffice!   Loving and living, Serving and sharing, Guiding and giving, Teaching and trying.   Give them a model, How you love your wife. No room to be idle. Face problems in your life.  …


By Seth Gatchell Added: 05/07/2021

THE REDEMPTION OF THE FEMININE HEART   (In honor of God and Mother’s Day)   A thing of rare beauty, inside a woman’s heart. A jewel that invites you, to rest and be a part. An invitation, warm, receives you to her side, Sweet enjoyment found there, like warmth of fireside.   Why does this…