Lessons from King Solomon



A prayer for wise guidance,

Book of Proverbs, you penned.

What could be wrong with that?

Solomon, what happened?


Fortune 500 guy

And pleasures unbridled,

Um, a thousand women???

What’s with foreign idols???


Outside? All “together.”

Inside? Another matter.

His heart’s center, he lost.

His life then would shatter.


If the core of God’s plan

Isn’t the core of your hope

You’ll compromise your heart,

Skiing the uphill slope.


He used wisdom to serve

His purposes, digressive,

The “good life,” and pleasure.

Appearance? “Impressive.”


“Follow” My principles

While your heart is your own,

Just puts off what’s coming:

Heartache, foolishness, groans.


You’ll turn to tougher stuff

With pleasures, overtime.

Trouble you will find and

A deep hole will you climb.


If pleasure could fell

The once wise Solomon,

Be warned! And be cautioned!

They can fell any man!