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Glass pitchers all around; they promise refreshing.

One promises fullness, another, caressing.

A second promises to fill my emptiness.

And a third promises to salve my loneliness.


One looks like lemonade, ice cubes floating with glee.

Is this the one that helps with my anxiety?

This one looks like orange juice, surely it would freshen!

Is this the one to drink to squelch my depression?


All the pitchers I see “promise” to satisfy,

Relief for a moment, but leave me high and dry.

Thirstier and restless, thirstier and restless,

Should I become reckless with foolish carelessness?


I’ve tried every pitcher, thirsty more than ever!

Is there a “God-pitcher?” I said, “I’ll drink, never!”

But those sips of water quenched something deep within!

Thirst became real joy! Let real life begin!


Accepted, now I am, no pressure to perform.

Eternal purpose, mine, my heart He will transform!

Real joy, found in Him! In this life, sips suffice,

But in eternity, joy guzzles! Paradise!