Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Book of Hosea


Hosea, the prophet, married the village whore.

And to three loser “dads,” three children Gomer bore.

I wanted MY people, in sad Gomer, to see,

Like Gomer, that they were adulteresses to Me.


She did what she wanted, with men, running around.

“They leave me food and gifts, in secret at sundown.”

She didn’t know that she’d been left and abandoned!

T’was HOSEA who gave gifts to his companion!!


‘Cuz anyone can “love” that someone who loves you.

No real merit there, even monkeys can do.

But to love us like God after vile betrayal,

Why, that’s God’s story in, Hosea’s portrayal!


So Gomer hit bottom, a debtor she became.

Off to slave auction’s house, sold naked and in shame.

But the winning bid came from Hosea himself!!

She found the love she’d trashed, being loved for herself!!


Can I be loved again, after You I abandoned?

In God’s heart you’ll find love to be His companion.

Love is most clearly seen at Christ’s crucifixion.

You don’t have to wait years for the next slave auction.


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