Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

Inside the Male Soul

That for which my soul longs, a window inside me.

Longing for connection, alive, loving and free.

A stronger me to face troubles, disappointments,

A settled inner peace; rest in His enjoyment.


I’ll invite God inside to walk in my tired shoes,

To stand when heart wearied, sing praise and not the blues.

Jesus, just how did you live a life so pure, sinless?

In the face of demands, discouragements endless?


Will I isolate me? Close my eyes, close my ears?

Live to protect my heart, and give in to my fears?

Or will I hear and note the groans of another?

Come alongside with strength, encourage as a brother?


That’s what You’ve done with me, multitude times over!

Poured life into my soul, my heart did recover!

To lift up feeble hands, pour life into someone,

To get me out of me, reflect Your wondrous Son!

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