Pastor Seth – Poems and Musings

The Junior’s Story

Square Pegs, Round Holes


Outside, the party life

A life of frivolity,

But inside, the empty life

Declining in quality.


“I have it all! What more

Can I desire?”

But convincing grew weaker;

Surely no fortifier.


The Master met me

That cold January night

At a forest pond, the stars

And a lit cross for light.


“But I believe in Jesus.

He died for my sins.”

But I was the master

There’s the trouble, therein.


You wander and wander

From event to event,

Hoping to fill your heart.

It’s not how life’s meant.


Outside things and people

Cannot fill inside space.

I am what you need,

The Master of grace.


Only inside joys

Can fill inside space

But outside joys, in lieu of

Inside joys? Can’t replace.


Trying to put a square peg

Into a round hole?

Impossible! There’s only

One way to be made whole.


Oh Master, I submit!

Here’s the key to my heart!

Take all of me,

And to you I commit!



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