“I’m a Forgiving Person”



August 22, 2019


“I’m a forgiving gal,” and that she proudly claimed.

But bitter there she stood, “Justified! Unashamed!”

She was judge and jury. “He’s guilty! I condemn.”

Scorn and contempt she threw against the evil “them.”


But when called to forgive what a ruckus and fray!

Outraged and offended! “The ‘evil’ one would pay!”

Her grudge like coals smoldered. That grudge became a fire.

The “offense” stoked along. Her pride fueled by hellfire.


That offense seethed within. Her grudge became black coal.

It fed and festered there. It hardened in her soul.

It flickered in the flame. Heavy smoke took its toll.

Bitter became her soul; black and hardened like coal.


She could not see herself, or admit any wrong.

She would not see herself, her pride, a castle strong.

But the One who sees all, her soul, nowhere to hide,

No matter what she claimed, her countenance implied.