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TWO FISHERMEN   July 6, 2017   A small boat glides into my still and quiet cove, Two young teens, hoping to add to their fishing trove. Baited fishing hooks and lures hang from a pole, It’s quiet, the hunt begins, they are on patrol.   The fish sees nothing of lures and hooks, rods…

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Words of Wisdom for my Daughter


This past Sunday I listed out 20 “words of wisdom” for my daughter Charlotte. I wrote these with the idea of Solomon writing Proverbs for his son and thought it would be a fun exercise. A few people after service asked if I would share that list with them. So here it is: Charlotte: Pay…

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“June ‘Gloom'”


Last week, I sat on our back patio at sunrise, sitting in the midst of June gloom. As Californians, June gloom means “the fog rolled in off the coast.” But more, I was struck by the term, “gloom.” I then wrote this poem… JUNE GLOOM   The fog rolls in off the coast, our Pacific…

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How Much Can Kids REALLY Understand About Easter?


How much about Easter can kids REALLY understand?  Does the story of Easter frighten or confuse younger children?  These are a couple of questions parents may have.  Here is some insight to the levels of understanding about Easter to the different age groups of kids per: LifeWay|Kids: Younger Pre-School – 2yrs old – Jesus did…

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6 Kinds of Aches of the Heart


SIX ACHES OF THE SOUL   A frustrating world, the first kind of ache, Earthquakes, annoyances, and another headache. Would we turn to God if this world was ideal? The God of redemption found in life’s ordeal!   The pain of bad choices, the second kind of ache, Consequences felt from my own mistakes. We…

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Why a Professor Failing a Student for Being a Christian Should Keep You Up at Night


“In this age of grade inflation it is difficult to earn a grade of zero much less four consecutive zeros. Professors who do so are likely to be sending a message,” – Dr. Mike Adams I read an interesting article written by Kaitlyn Schallhorn (click her name to be directed to her twitter) today at…

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